APEQ Hardware

The APEQ range of hardware equalizers are stand-alone hardware solutions, delivered in professional-grade 1U rack-mount housing. A PC is only required to run the CONEQ measurement software and upload the correction filter by a USB connection to the non volatile memory of any APEQ device.

APEQ 2pro DIO and APEQ 8pro DIO are delivered with balanced analogue and digital I/O, the APEQ 2pro with balanced analogue I/O as standard.

All units are equipped with a safety relays and will pass through the unaltered analogue input signal to the output in case of a power failure.

APEQ products include a time limited license for CONEQ Workshop measurement software (limited to one month starting from the day of first activation).

APEQ versions

  APEQ-2pro APEQ-2pro DIO APEQ-8pro DIO
Number of channels 2 2 8
CONEQ™ filter length Up to 4096 taps Up to 4096 taps Up to 4096 taps
Digital input/output (AES/EBU) -- XLR XLR
Analogue input/output (Balanced) XLR, TRS (balanced) XLR, TRS (balanced) DB-25 female, TASCAM pin-out