Owners and operators of software based studios ranging from home studios to the most sophisticated recording, mixing, or mastering studios can benefit from the various software based plug in solutions in RTAS, AAX and VST formats that will implement the correction filters generated by the CONEQ Workshop Measurement Software. Inserted and activated at the loudspeaker output of the DAW, they can offer the same qualtiy as the APEQ hardware application tools. (Attention: filters may not be in inserted and activated in the signal chain going to your rendered master.)

CONEQ application software is available as P2pro (2-channel) and P8pro (8-channel) versions for VST and/or AAX formats. CONEQ PlugIns are protected by a eLicenser USB Key and include a time limited license for CONEQ Workshop measurement software (limited to one month starting from the day of first activation).

CONEQ PlugIn versions

  CONEQ P2pro CONEQ P8pro
Number of channels 2 8
CONEQ™ filter length Up to 4096 taps Up to 4096 taps

CONEQ P2pro (used in Cubase)